pssh T650 version notes

Applies to pssh version 2005-06-23-T650
Modified by Daniel Grobe Sachs

pssh was originally written by Greg Parker.

This is a customized version of pssh with a couple of improvements specifically aimed at the Treo 650 and above. I think it should still run on a 600, and any other PalmOS device, but I make no promises; in any event, I advise against the use of this version of pssh on anything but a Treo.

The most important improvement is that I ported the better random number generator from the Tungsten|C. (You know that message saying that the random number generator is bad and it's insecure? Well, the author of pssh meant it! It's pretty bad.) This should improve security, although even though I removed the security warning (it annoyed me), all of the caveats that the original author mentions about the code being possibly insecure still apply. Other changes simply make the program a bit easier to use, especially on a device with a keyboard.