daniel grobe sachs's palm software

clear those pesky IM popups*:
     Causerie: 20-may-2006 (info) (prc) (zip)
     Verichat: 23-may-2006 (info) (prc) (zip)
     Mundu IM: 30-dec-2008 (info) (prc) (zip) (currently incompatible with Mundu Messenger 4.2)
keyshades 1.3b1 BETA*: 19-feb-2006 (info) (prc) (source)
kill touchscreen 1.2*: 29-july-2005 (info) (prc) (source)
keyshades 1.2*: 29-july-2005 (info) (prc) (source)
keyshades light 1.0: 15-june-2005 (info) (prc) (source)
reset netlib 1.1: 11-may-2005 (info) (prc) (source)

modified versions of other people's software

keycaps600 0.9.1b1 BETA: 09-mar-2006 (info) (prc) (source)
keycaps600 0.9: 13-Sep-05 (info) (prc) (source)
FieldPlus patched BETA*: 09-mar-2006 (info) (zip)
FieldPlus patched*: 29-july-2005 (info) (zip)
treo 650 customized pssh: 24-dec-2007 (info) (prc) (source)


All software on this site is distributed with NO WARRANTY.

Do not contact the original authors about problems with modified versions of software.

Software marked with * MUST be deleted using the Palm launcher. Do not attempt to delete them using third party software such as Filez. Also, these programs must be disabled or deleted before upgrades can be installed.

daniel grobe sachs / 25 jan 2009 / dgsachs@nekito.net